Photo by my brother, Jude Gonsalves

Hi, i am an Actor & Photographer from Mumbai, India. Currently based out of Dubai. You may wonder why I've made such an odd decision to club two different media together. For the longest time, I've been quite adept at fulfilling multiple roles. Be it on a film set or even in a corporate desk job.

While I absolutely vouch for the masters of their fields, let's face it, each one of us is adept at multiple roles in our daily lives. And by that yardstick, I believe nothing should ever hold one back.

With that little insight into the purpose, photography is something I've been fascinated by since I was a kid. But it never really materialized beyond that until a few years ago.

Having spent the better part of the last 5 odd years wondering what I need to do on this planet, being a creative stood out the most to me.

More than 8 short films, 2 short scripts, 2 plays and photographs regularly featured on social media may not seem like much industry wise. But here's the key, they made me immensely happy and continue to do so.

These experiences coupled with some key people in my life brought forth clarity in my goals. This came about through the art of photography and as such the tagline - Photography Helps Focus.

I love visiting new places and I'm open to commercial work as well.
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