Thank you for 1000+ InstaFollowers and what I learnt about editing the below video. / by Joaquim Gonsalves

Check out the video here:

 It's really been quite incredible the last few months. 30th birthday, photoshoots, recognition, multiple features and an annual vacation culminating into the image above.

  I have been studying about making videos and editing them, in more detail than I ever did before. Thanks to two exhaustive video guides from Jared Polin aka 'FroKnowsPhoto' and hilarious and award winning film maker, Todd Wolfe. It was about time I made one professionally.

  Best part about the process though was realizing that editing itself can be highly creative once you get past the technicalities. Yes, it can get frustrating and takes up a lot of time when starting out. But the above videos, really opened up the post processing world to me and of course in the interim I learnt about After Effects too while I waited for Premiere Pro to export my files. I know it still has it's areas of improvement, but recognizing them by oneself is probably the best skill you can ever learn. More than anything else in the world.

  I wish I could say more, but I'm really exhausted and unwell too. So I shall talk to you guys later. Perhaps in a video or the next blog. Who knows where this will one day lead me.

  I just know that Photography Helps Focus. Have an awesome day folks!