Welcome! / by Joaquim Gonsalves

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I hope my current work and those to come in the next few weeks will keep you asking for more.

The #30Daysofturning30 project has been quite rewarding and I shall be blogging about it on a regular basis. (you shall soon understand why)
Starting this Friday, the 2nd of September and thereafter every Friday.

By the way, that lovely portrait on the right was shot by my buddy and fellow shutterbug, Enrique D'Rozario. (@insta.enrique) Check out his Instagram page, you'll be delighted. :D

For now, I shall sign off and I look forward to 10 exciting days as I begin my #BackinTimeDubai project tomorrow. I know 10 days may not be enough for this marvelous city, but let's see where this new adventure takes me.

Oh and yes, if you treat it right, photography WILL help you focus