Back in time Dubai and a little about turning 30 / by Joaquim Gonsalves

Turning 30 brought about things that I had never foreseen. That eureka moment brought to life a project that has given me so much in terms of knowledge and lessons. Lessons that I just HAD to implement. :)

This new project owes its genesis to two people.

  1. One of YouTube's popular photographers, Jared Polin, aka FroKnowsPhoto.
    If not for his skills, swagger and knowledge then at least for his late mom, who was and continues to be his inspiration.
  2. My multi talented and very creative sweetheart, Dhanya Asher (@dhanyaasher)
    Her skills with an iPhone camera always blow me away. Hailing from a family of shutterbugs, she rekindled this dormant flame in me.

So one of Jared's viewers sent him a 15 year old camera, the Nikon D1X, one of the very first pro level Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras to be made.
Suffice to say that today's smartphones have way more MegaPixels than the old Nikon.
Without getting into what is technically more important, the images it produced were enough to realize the truth.

There are no bad cameras in today's world, only lesser skilled photographers.

Now, thanks to Dhanya's 8 year old Canon 50D and 18-200mm lens that was lying with me, I figured why not use this as an excuse to go out for a new pet project. I was anyway itching to for clicks. (Pretty cool what photography can do for an introvert like me.) 
The other cool thing is that the 50D is the predecessor to my older brother's Canon 60D. The very first DSLR that I was exposed to. Aah, those memories and talk about a coincidence! Lol. :)


While Jared went ahead and did portraits of an established Motorcycle restorer, I chose to cover parts of Dubai in a different manner this time. Keeping with the vintage theme, I shall be shooting in and around the much loved Old Dubai.

Oh and this morning serendipity woke me up in the form of my roomie Chris (soon a dad to be, check Portraits updates coming soon) showing me a newspaper article that got me even more excited. I was introduced to ChasingBurDubai by Ekta Saran, a UAE based Photographer/Filmmaker. Her take on Bur Dubai, which is basically home to Old Dubai, is focused on human stories and I think she's doing a splendid job with it. Glad I actually lived near some of those rustic lanes and humble people in her short films.

Such is life when you let it surprise you. Don't ever restrict yourself to just one thing.
You don't need to be a jack of all but rather be open to experiments and exploration. I believe you can find out what you can master only by finding out what you can't. So go for it!

Hope you all liked the new image from Day 1. Keep visiting and remember #PhotographyHelpsFocus

P.S.: I had to rewrite this entire blog due to a technical error while posting. Made me remember my old blogger days where I used to save my stuff on a notepad before hitting that publish button. But hey, minor frustrations aside, I got to write it better. :)