The sands of dreams. / by Joaquim Gonsalves

It's been a while since my eyes opened up to what really matters in this life. 2010-11 marks an important phase in my journey. That was when I realized that we must embrace our aspirations.

I've had to learn and unlearn many things in these past years. There's gonna be a ton more to go through in the days to follow for sure. Not one to accept things at face value, I always find myself striving to find reason behind everything. I don't know if that is wrong or right. Different people have contrasting methods to stay sane. But I guess the important thing is how each one of the people we interact with affects our goals.

Time is actually quite an anomaly in our world, if you think about it. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction is what the experts say. But time just goes in one direction and it's only current reaction to me is probably healed wounds. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why we dream. Like my Nana, who appeared in one of mine last week.

I shall talk about her in another blog. She's worth way more than what I'm capable of saying.

My immediate goals have changed since 2010, but the ultimate desire has always stayed the same. Thankfully, I might add. To be able to make a difference.

Its been incredibly hard to maintain that and I've quite frankly fallen behind in that objective. I wanna resist blaming others. It certainly is my fault for not being able to tackle this world more productively. But enough has been said about how life on this solitary planet can suck.

My point is, I never really forgot any of my goals. I've had to let go of some for practical reasons, like I absolutely can't make the time to learn a musical instrument. Between work, film, photography, editing and plays, even though I do far lesser than the pros, I still find my hands completely full.

The only thing I've always followed is to pursue one when the other goes down in activity. I've simply attempted to get more focused now and have constrained my goals to just film and photography. Motorcycling has taken a sabbatical for now due to reasons outside my control. 

In June this year I decided to shoot my own portfolio and while I still have scope to improve, I'm glad I managed to fulfill this immediate dream. Part of a long term goal called photography that began 6 years ago. Despite being in debt and literally stretching every penny, my dreams drive me more than the greenbacks and that is the single-most important quality that will take you a long way.

I'm sure my motorcycling will come back too.

So pay attention to your dreams and the people who help you attain them. It will give you a joy unlike any other. Even if you are broke!