Pushing the Limits / by Joaquim Gonsalves

How far can you go before you break?

In the short adult life that I've had so far, I've built an image that is far from good. In some cases even tarnishing my reputation and hard work.

It has been more bitter than sweet with self-worth. To this day I still find it difficult to hold myself in high regard.

While that does come across sometimes as being 'humble', it has done little to expedite my growth. (Or maybe it has as you will find out) In fact it’s probably the wrong idea of humility. Maybe one of you could shed some light here in the comments.

Of course, the path to success is anything but a straight line. Fortunately, in that rigmarole of finding my self-worth, I've always ended up pushing the envelope.

As impressive as this attribute may be, it is equally a pain in the ass though. If not monitored, it can even lead to some disastrous results.

If you share the same quality, (I believe every person does) then there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Don't be afraid of biting off more than you can chew.
    Kinda contradictory I know, but that's the first step. Otherwise one is probably just wallowing in fear and not 'doing.'
  2. Account for the consequences first before you take that bite.
    Spend a minute or two to analyze your workflow.

    Eg: How exactly you plan to execute a project or decision to its outcome? Proof read, double-check or triple check where needed. Clear as many doubts as you can without over-thinking.

    Easier said than done obviously. The key is to identify a couple major doubts, a couple minor ones and then move forward.

    Beyond that, there’s no way to account for all possible consequences unless you’ve seen the future.

    Correction: If 3 seasons of ‘The Flash’ show are anything to go by, you probably are far worse for knowing the future. So leave that to the comic books.
    (He basically fucks it up every time by trying to change the timeline and no, that’s not a spoiler. That’s a given. Lol. But the show is so much fun!)

  3. Now that you’ve decided, don't get distracted often. (see what I did there?)
    Keep a tab on the work ahead.
  4. Don’t cop out a few feet before the finish line. Endure.
  5. If all the fires have been put out, you may tryyy to push yourself more.
    Like read up info or watch a tutorial. But beware. This can easily spiral into the trap of burnout. The repercussions of which could prove quite costly.

    I'm familiar with these burnouts since 2011.
  6. Figure out if it is duplicable.
    If you chose the better way of taking a break, and not gathering more, you will be able to analyze the hours spent earlier on the work.
    By extension you will find out if this could be a blueprint to that task or if you will be back to the drawing board the next time.
  7. Pay attention to your health.
    This last point I have nothing to elaborate on for now, save for the fact that I have neglected mine. It was the classic scenario of waiting for the perfect moment to start working on my health again.

    Need I say more on how perfection is a myth?


The best part about all the above though is that for sure you will come out a better person.

Plus you will have more clarity in your goals.

Remember, it is more a journey than a destination.


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