Future Tensed, Past Perfect. Present..? / by Joaquim Gonsalves

A little over two years ago I was advised to make the shift to Dubai.
But even before that I used to document my ideas and creations via emails. Emails to myself.
(Yayy, for a Gary Vee fan! You know, he always says 'document' vs 'create' )

Of course, back then it was also to have it saved so I could proof read later.
(I know this is just blog no 12 but I've been writing since before the days of Orkut.)

A couple days ago, I decided to check some of those emails.
Going through the ones sent since October 2014, it was really heartening to see how this journey began.

  • The huge change in lifestyle and relationships.
  • The immense learning curve that was soon to follow
  • The resistance to move out.
  • The responsibility of a godchild (no I am not good at it)

    I'm barely scratching the surface here.

    For the last week or so I've also been contemplating going through my recent history. [No I ain't talking about embarrassing online search histories here]

    You see, I have my data from the computer back home ever since 2004 (or maybe a little later. We'll correct this when I finally decide to start..what? why do you want to correct it? This isn't an exam!)

    It sure would be awesome to relive them. I'm a bit of a nostalgia nut. It's just that I don't express it as much in person.

    Imagine being able to see what was evident in retrospect but wasn't even remotely clear back then.
    It's pretty surprising to see how many lessons from then can still help me today with some of my challenges.

    Like this article for instance of how a 74 year old hasn't stopped crushing it!
    Or rather 'digging it.' Make sure you check out Ra Paulette - The Cavedigger's website.

I don't really know if this week's blog has me sharing this because I had nothing else to talk about or if it's one of the myriad other things that are irking me right now.

There's no harm in being broken of course. It's the glued-together cracks that lend character to an otherwise plain cup.

I guess my take away from this week is -

  1. Actively use existing tools from the past to get rid of stuff that the present doesn't need at all.
  2. The future will always be tensed as that's the best fuel to life's engine.
  3. Celebrate myself just like Daft Punk telling me right now to feel free 'One More Time.'

I do have some crosses to carry with me. I don't know when my life's Easter will rise to the fore.

That lifestyle where I no longer do things that don't add value.
Where I'm easily able to express myself to people who care about me.
Where the chapters don't start with such animus titles.


I guess this could be the start of my 40 days?

What was your recent past like? Do you also have a younger version of yourself sending you valuable messages from the past? Let me know if you so choose to in the comments below.

Geez, I sound like The Flash! :)

So what about the Present? Well, I believe the luck that Pharrell Williams wants me to get right now is with a girl called Life.

Fuck yeah! Enough with this feeling down. [This is why I always recommend writing to get your breakthroughs.]

Future Tensed, Past Perfect. Present..? JUST RIGHT! :D

Any guesses as to which song is playing now as I end this blog?
Guess it right and one randomly selected person will get to write next week's blog! I will give you the theme when I contact you.



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