What Do You Do When You Can't Do Anything / by Joaquim Gonsalves

Ok, so I'm gonna give you guys another shot at winning the blog feature I mentioned in last week's edition.

Of course it's essentially because, music makes us happy.

(If it doesn't do that for you please tell me why music doesn’t release dopamine in your head the way it does for the rest of us!)

Speaking of chemicals, ever had one of those days where Murphy's law was running on steroids and you had nothing left to do but hold on for dear life?

Well that was my Sunday this week. Basically a Monday for us Dubai employees.

Not only was it a 12 hour day of endless reports, it was downright stupid given the circumstances.

I hate stupidity, be it from me or anyone else. Honest mistakes are fine. Anything else is just bullshit.

Finally when the day ended I'm greeted with a remark from an important person saying this is how the place is every now and then.

That was as good as saying "yeah we will exploit you when we can because we know you won't say anything back."

To which I decided to just absorb it with a fake chuckle rather than voice my factual but insulting opinion. Because adulthood and shit..

(You? Insult?..Yes, yes that happens to me too. You wouldn't want to be on my bad side trust me)

Having said that, the highlight was when I left the place.

I passed by a restaurant where I once spent time with an old friend. Those memories were all it took to get me genuinely smiling again.


Perhaps when we face such ridiculously annoying days and it's incredibly hard to see the silver lining,

We need to soldier on until it's over with and try not to do anything stupid.

Btw it was at that exact moment past the restaurant, that I thought aloud to myself, "And that's the blog!"


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