How To Always Find Something To Write About / by Joaquim Gonsalves

It's 1.30am and i couldn't ask for anything better than to kill two birds with one stone.

So a blog as the title suggests and also a video tutorial on blogging that will go unlisted. 

Why? Cause it's copyright music in the background. So this video tutorial will be exclusively for my newsletter subscribers. 

And just like that I now have a brand new piece of content!

Yippie kai yayyyy!  Btw, that's Audioslave that you cannot hear. So go ahead and subscribe for the video tutorial and some kick ass music.

1. Re-purpose

When bored and on social media, go back to your old posts. They could be images or stuff you wrote or videos you uploaded. There's bound to be 1 thing there to spark inspiration.

 2. Help Others

So like in the intro for this tutorial, a casual chat with my buddy Neil, lead to him giving me advice on issues in my life. In the process, we reached a point where he needed help too. 

As such, while dishing out some tips for writing I came up with this blog.

3. Read Other Blogs

Zubin, as you've heard of a few times now, shared a very interesting series in a blog related social media app. 

(Read mini bogs on my 'Medium'.)

Reading other blogs or even anything in general that piques your interest is another sure-fire way to get your brain going. 

4. Self Awareness/Thinking Out Loud

Recently, I wrote a blog that I came up with after a stress full day at the day job.

There's something about talking to yourself that can't be beat by any conversation that you may have in the world. 

It is by far the best thing one can do for self preservation and motivation. Or simply to kill boredom.

Don't even be afraid to talk to yourself in public. Or when you are walking to the metro/public transport/vehicle/gym/bathroom any place really. 

*Just make sure you note that down or make a voice note in your phone or tool of choice for jotting down ideas. 

And then go ahead and build on that without fail. 

5. Music

There's really nothing to add here. It's music! Enjoy the bridge. :) (SUBSCRIBE)

Edit: Apart from, releasing key chemicals they are great memory joggers and that is immensely useful to writing.


That's it. I can't think of any other right now and I want to get this published. I'm already behind on my schedule. 

But I really hope you liked this. I wanted to experiment and thought of the video tutorial on the fly. How?

Let's add that as point for writing. 

6. Don't be afraid to change the environment you write in. 

I find my shared room too cold. I can stand more heat than cold. Don't know if there is a term for that.

But yes, get up off that bed or chair and go write in a different place. It can spark ideas even for writing and not just for video content. 

7. Disconnect

Even if it is just for 30 minutes.
I know a lot of people are talking about this lately. But seriously, we must.

Go out and walk if you need to while listening to music. See, again multiple birds with one weapon.:P


Hope you found this blog useful. 

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