To Complain Or Not To Complain / by Joaquim Gonsalves

Is there an invisible line?
Why do we do it?
Do I really need to answer these questions?

No. I don't. Search results can be found faster than I can spill my thoughts out on the keys.

Blog number 17 has been delayed literally by a week. (More on that in blog 18. Which I will publish this week itself.) Because while it's not always good to play catch up, chasing one's own self is not bad at all. (Click the link for context)

I'll keep this one simple.

To me personally, it is a choice.
1. Complain and then do something about it.
2. Complain and do nothing.

But of course, this isn't Bane's plan of absolutes in The Dark Knight Rises.
Life is an endless highway of varying shades of grey with a few rainbows thrown in across the sky after every detour.

(Funny, how grey is also the best shade to use when trying to white balance a camera.
Hmm, is that why they say, the camera never lies?)

So while google rightly says that complaining can help find a commonality, whether it is a good conversation starter is open to debate.

Then again, everyone has something to complain about after all.

We may never find the answers to every question in life.

But I guess it is important to  have a way to deal with the shit some of us go through on a daily basis.

You can add complaining to that long list of stuff that can either kill you or make you stronger.

Disagree with this blog? Agree? Or on the fence? Oh well, go ahead. Start a conversation in the comments below.


Thank you for your attention.
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