Catch Up / by Joaquim Gonsalves

Millennials / Gen Y /  Gen X.
If you were born within the last 3 decades, I'm sure you must have heard these "trendy" terms.

A fancy cohort. One that we all have subscribed to.  Even guilty of using it sometimes for our own excuses.

Granted sometimes they do make for fun, shared characteristics. We are of course Millennials yeah. :P

A Google(read 'trigger') happy generation cursed with social media and binging on TV shows.

Yeah, yeah, every thing on this planet has a plus and a minus. I get it.

But to build upon last week's topic, I'm positive there are plenty of us who suffer from the 'catching up' disease.

This is very much fueled by the FoMO Syndrome. (Aah, proud to have fulfilled my generation's definitive trait)

I'm sure you are familiar with it.

That water counter chat with a colleague who is perpetually dialed in. That WhatsApp group, where in, everyone seems to know more than you.

Bred by our assembly line education, we accept that every damn thing is a bloody competition.

At least, that's what we've been told to believe.

This Fear of Missing Out or losing out to someone rather.
That relentless seething in your bones.
From one aspect of life to the other.

You often ask yourself, "How the hell am I supposed to keep up?"
The answer, is that you aren't supposed to.

In a world that thrives on unstoppable change, we forget that simplest of philosophies.

"To just be our OWN best."

That's it really. We do not need to keep chasing trends like rabbits.

Yes, they are important to stay abreast of so that we can continue to educate ourselves.
But when we let it give rise to stress, society fails to reap from our excellence.
While we fail to live peacefully.

Life is, as they say, a war. But as long as you win most of the battles, you can win the war.

War with SELF really.

So when it comes to this everyday disease of playing catch-up, I'd like to leave you with a very useful example. Just two words actually.

'Nokia 3310'
-A shining testimony to just be your own best.
(yes, I called it a word. :P)

What! You haven't heard of it? The re-launch or the original itself? Which rock were you sleeping under buddy?

When life asks you questions like that, remember 1 thing,
'You've come a long way brother/sister. Your life, is more than just a trend.'


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Until next week, good luck!