Shiny Object Syndrome / by Joaquim Gonsalves

Information Overload. That's what our generation should be called.

Welcome to week 4.
Like that segue? :P

It's no secret that I have been affected by it. A lot of us are. I'd like to think it is primarily because we don't deal well with monotony.

Think about it. Right from the moment of conception, we've only been changing. Moving, progressing. From single celled microbes to complex beings of flesh, blood, soul and bone.

That's right, let those imaginations run around for a bit as you savour(I hope) those words.

One of the highlights of the current century is the rapid advancement in technology. The relentless progress we've made as a species far exceeds our capacity to consume it.

Then there's that section of us who keep our eyes peeled for new opportunities . Not unlike an assassin with a rifle I might add.

Take yours truly for example: Between 2004 and now, I have been part of no less than 10 different streams of careers. At least by the essence of each of them, they total to that number.

Not to brag, 'cause I am in no way an expert at any of those. At least not by MY definition of "expert."

(Available for hire in photography and acting by the way. :P)

All 10 of them have their individual ecosystems where in you can be a specialist in a number of choices, styles OR techniques.
(if you'd like to know what those 10 are, do leave a comment in the box below.)

We are by nature exploratory. Always eager to venture into new avenues.
But when you couple that with the resources available pretty much on demand, it's incredibly easy to get enamored and even lost.

In the process, the reason we started something gets sidetracked even before it can pick up steam.

Fortunately, none of the ventures I served myself were single course meals.
Full blown menus from appetizer to dessert and every other French course in between, my biggest blessing was learning how to embrace delayed gratification.

To be honest, it was only until very recently that I have begun to learn how to bake a chocolate chip cookie and not an assault on the taste buds by adding too many unique flavors. (Apologies to those who don't like chocolate chip cookies, if there are any.. :P)

Sure, a couple of contrasting bits may work. And quite well too. Go for it. :)

Stick to a Rule of 3. That's what I recommend and try hard to implement.

And while it is incredibly easy to drop in a couple more items, remember to pay heed to the signs.

It's actually not that difficult to notice the warning bells oscillating.

Yes, we can blame it on evolution and the fact that majority of us aren't spending the chunk of our day doing something we truly enjoy.

Face it. Sometimes we need to get off that repeat song called 'Excitement' to hear those very bells.

To summarize, it is vital to never let that kid in the store grow up.
But at every next corner, we do need a Logan to hold our hand and say, 'Not okay!'

(Basically a father figure to stop us from going overboard, if you haven't seen the movie/trailer yet, click here)


I know it's not father's day yet, or even parents' day but here's to the people who have held our hands around every such corner. Never failing to help us when we go after too many shiny objects or even life threatening decisions.

And to those close friends too who do their best to fill those shoes when we are away from the folks.

Happy Mother's day to all you lovely women reading this. And to the Fathers too.


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More importantly, do let me know whether you disagree/agree or where you think I need to improve.

Thanks again for your time.

Until next week, good luck!

P.S: Did you pass the test? Or did you give in and click all the links before you finished the blog? Hahahaa, don't worry. Baby steps. We are all in this together.