Your True Worth / by Joaquim Gonsalves

Great! I made it to week 5. And to think I was struggling with what to post today. :P

Over the last year and some, ever since I began to take photography professionally, I've had a number of experiences with people that I shot for.

Btw, I chose to refrain from using the word 'seriously,' as I shoot because I enjoy it.
I'm sure you know the rest of where that thought process leads.

So coming back to the topic, anyone creatively inclined would like to have their work shared and recognised. Especially, if it is done for no monetary gain.

I've had my moments of weakness where I would absolutely get pissed off if someone would not give credit where it was due. Nothing against the people of course. But for some reason I wasn't mature enough to handle those situations.

While everyone goes through a certain level of struggle and pain to improve their skill at passion projects, sometimes the journey can be quite frustrating.

Recently, there was a photographer who absolutely blew things out of proportion when a client asked her about the status of her images. The heights this person took it to, was shamefully ridiculous. (Google it to know more, check the tags for hints)

You've gotta understand that in any professional relationship, the last thing you wanna do is to squeeze sour lemons in people's glasses.

In those moments, when you feel the pinch of the oversight, which by the way can happen at both ends, it is very easy to fall into the trap of perceived injustice.

And yes, I will empathize with you in that moment.

However, our actions after that are the most crucial.

Here's my 3 step method on how to deal with it.

  1. Express yourself.

    Share your feelings about the situation with a confidante.
    But you don't wanna bad mouth anyone, cause trust me that will come back to bite you real hard.

  2. Write.
    Yes, write it out. Anywhere. On a paper. In a voice note maybe. Any tool that would let you put thoughts into visuals is extremely important. This process not only lets you vent out your frustrations, but also help you see the bigger picture. But yes, don't go Facebook live with it.

    Which brings me to the last step.
  3. It doesn't matter.

    I know, you may wanna debate that. But look at it this way. It is still YOUR work. It is YOUR creation.
    Whether it is for a client or not, it is still at your disposal to share. You can make your work speak volumes about you on demand really.

    So, would it really be worth letting it go south and possibly damaging your future prospects?

More importantly, it is but a minor obstacle in a long fruitful journey.

Of course, don't let people steal your work and plagiarize your intellectual property. Addressing that IS important.

In conclusion, it boils down to how we react to situations. No matter which aspect of our professional lives they pertain to.  Your true worth could do without such trivial aspects. 

By extension, it holds true in our personal lives as well. But that's personal so..I'd rather not attempt to tell you how to go about your 'business.'

Oh, yeah, needless to say. I did not let my frustrations get the better of me. So, Yaayy! :)

I don't know if any of the above is universally helpful, but I do hope you find value.


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