Mistakes & Breakthroughs / by Joaquim Gonsalves

I recently covered the 2017 edition of an event here in Dubai.

The Autism Awareness Ride organized by Berets Motorcycle Club and Dubai Autodrome.

Last year I just happened to decide on going for this event. It was fun indeed.

Some of you may know that I love cars and motorcycles. Been reading about them passionately since 1999. In fact, majority of my reading material used to be auto magazines. Thanks to my brother.

It was awesome to be able to use my camera for capturing the bikes and cars around the track. I even shot video with my phone simultaneously.  Man it was a crazy day alone out there in 2016.

This time though, I had a buddy, Rajesh Kannan help me out with the video. So that was amazing, to be able to just focus on getting the shots.

Despite that, I did make some major (to me at least) errors in some of the clicks. I guess trying to implement new techniques is not always beneficial. More so when absorbed at the last minute.

Lessons learnt for sure.

But the highlight was the breakthrough in using a rented telephoto lens. A focal range that all professional photographers swear by. Suffice to say I am already saving to pick one up new.

Above that though, was an even more important revelation. Getting to be around my first love - motorcycles, after what seems to have been ages, it was heartwarming to be around bikers from all walks of life and with their stellar machines.

It made me get out off my shell and interact. Gave me the ability to showcase my skills and lastly, it helped me make a bunch of new friends.

Bikers maybe infamous for some things, thanks in part to the those that give us a bad name. But what they are most known for is their 'brotherhood.'

The camaraderie, the banter and as you will see in some of the images to come, just all around happy folk.

So infectious is their joy, that even those present from outside the community get pumped.

I literally told my buddies the next day that, "I haven't felt this alive in a long while."

That's what a get-together sets out to accomplish. While I may not subscribe to the majority of people's "ideal" sense of merriment, it was really a blessing to meet & be around these bikers.

The other aspect was the children's play area. Again, being comfortable around kids is not something I am known for. But being able to absorb their innocence through the lens was figuratively and literally fulfilling.

Wow! I just had another breakthrough.

Tony Robbins had an interview with Gary Vee recently. At one point, Tony speaks about finding what makes us feel fulfilled. Not just in terms of being able to sustain ourselves and our future generations, but in being able to create value without being inherently focused on the 'what's in it for me' aspect.

Of course there is much more to leading an accomplished life than the little snippet above. 
Watch the interview here. 

Here's wishing you all a life of immense fulfillment.

Go out and do what you love.
Be grateful and always pay it forward.

God bless!


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