Grab it! / by Joaquim Gonsalves

No I ain't selling stuff here. Although, I do wanna sell one of my camera lenses. But more on that later.

The message is simple this time. Opportunities.

I've been massively blessed with a ton of occasions in my time where I've had to make life altering decisions. Certainly my parents and relatives have done a great deal for me. Without them I wouldn't be here at all. And some chosen friends too.

Up until my mid-twenties I've pretty much lived on auto-pilot, meaning going from one mile marker to the other as long as the engine was running and I was in the back seat. Telling the chauffeur to go where the road leads, even if it was a detour. After all, we had no maps and sure as hell had no clue where we were headed.

Now don't get me wrong, such road trips can be quite fun and rewarding. Heck, those very intrepid experiences are what brought me to where I am.

But I didn't get here with a driver. I may not know how to drive a real car (or maybe I do and it's just the damn licence I couldn't get.) but if there's one thing I know it is to effin' get up and do the damn job. There really is no one who knows you better than you. (Well maybe the better half and the parents..hehe)
In my short journey as an entrepreneur I've had a couple handful of people ask me either in person or through social media to help them out. Be it about the film & theatre industry or photography or building an online presence. Firstly, I feel very humbled when you guys approach me. It goes a long way in encouraging me and hell yes, it is ironically an ego boost.

I always welcome such folk because I too was and still am to an extent constantly seeking. However, most of these individuals wouldn't clear the first rung of the ladder with me. You see I believe in teaching the method than just giving them the food. And in those ways of teaching, very few would answer my well thought out questions.

That's ok too! Perhaps they weren't sure yet. While others would probably not hesitate to ask me about every doubt they had. Kudos to you as well!

Why did I share that? To bring home the point that almost all of us are always searching for something better. But how many of us are truly tuned in and actually concentrating on the road we drive on?

Agreed, I'm only running on 31 and there's a ton of shit I don't know about. Stuff that could make me a more rounded individual. But I'll be damned if I don't carpe diem & show life who's boss.

If there's something you are passionate about, go and do it.


It doesn't necessarily have to be a source of income and that shouldn't be a pre-requisite either. Just get off your ass and take action. This goes for me too obviously.

If the above resonates with you. If there is one video you must watch, no matter what age you are. If the desire exists, then you have to watch this one by Gary Vee.(if you don't know him, just google already)

That's what I'm gonna leave it at. Oh actually, if you are into superhero movies, (we are of course heroes of our own lives) then Led Zeppelin to these visuals might help too.

Now go out and grab life by the balls or whatever substitute that you'd like to grab.

On the road or in the colosseum, ATTACK!


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Thanks again for your time.


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