Changes / by Joaquim Gonsalves

Well hello people! It's week 9!

Wow! Gonna be breaking into the double digits next week.

Funnily, in the process of thought for today, I went back to week 5 which ironically also mentioned about Recycle Dubai - a new video series. Which I am, as of this blog, completely clueless on how to go about for video 2. (sshhh) And it's supposed to be shot this Friday!

[btw a little magic happened as I wrote the above..I shall reference to it in the video. Promise!]

If you've been reading my weekly newsletters, or even if you follow my disappearing anecdotes on Instagram, you've seen a certain theme. That of me just putting it out there.

But what is that really?
I'm a single guy and I wouldn't term being single as not having luck, cause that's a load of crap. It IS a metaphoric expression though for not having put in the work at something. At least in my opinion. [Or in this case, the lack of interest in that aspect of life.]

I used to and still find myself complaining many times. But thankfully it has reduced.

I have a few people to be grateful to for that. My parents in their own way of putting it across (which I always have issues with initially, but I'm always a work in progress. I shall come back to this towards the end)

My brother and sis in law too despite the fact that I am not in touch with them and pretty much make for a lousy godfather. (But more on that some other time, by when I will have addressed it for the better. )

My friends, Neil, Dhanya, Merwin, Zubin, Enrique, Rinel. Even my boss in his own way!

Sadly, I've had a major fallout with someone recently and it brought to light some major issues in myself.
1. The fact that I haven't really stepped out and met people socially for a long time.
Sure, I met folks on shoots. But not the way that the human mind requires on a regular basis.

The brain after all, needs human stimulation, which brings about emotional growth and consequently benefits the body in a number of ways. Simply knowing that doesn't help though.

2. I've also had to make changes in the daily routine.

And this is now getting a bit too mundane.


3. That's the other big change. (Not the curse words.) But really it's been a process. That of steadily giving lesser importance to shit that doesn't matter.

It's like Gary Vee and my man Zubin (who has been saying this to me, far before I ever heard of Vaynermedia.) And Neil & Rinel too.

All of them have told me this one thing. [Btw, Zubin has a pretty kick ass blog going too]


Let go of the bullshit that brings you down. Even if it is yourself. Focus only on your strengths. Screw the weaknesses cause the world will give them to you for free.

(more on this in the comments section. Pls do engage. Some pearls there you don;t wanna miss.)
Obviously, I'm still upping my game. Remember I said, I'm always a work in progress?
Well you smart people already know the next part.

Life itself is a perpetual work in progress. :) The only thing that is truly perfect is mortality.


There's gonna be some great stuff coming out this year.
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More importantly, do let me know where you think I can improve.

Thanks again for your precious time. Really means a lot to me.