Welcoming 2017 / by Joaquim Gonsalves

Hi folks! Compliments of the season and hope you are all well.

Something we should all incorporate in our lives is what I read today in this link.


There are plenty of pages out there that talk about taking action and perhaps we may come across such links often. The point is we need to be reminded of them for it is far too easy to get lost in everyday life.

Take away-

"Definition of hell is the person you became when you died will meet the person you could have become."

Stay motivated. Stay focused.

God bless and have a progressive year in 2017. Like my close friend Zubin says, Go ahead and punch the sky!

Thank you to Adam Stone, actor, friend, martial artist, positive energy personified for sharing this page. 

Check out his IMDb: IMDb.com/name/nm7395518

Happiness is progress.

Happiness is progress.